Whitepaper - Splunk + Observo AI, Better Together: Unleashing the Power of Data

Learn how Splunk + Observo AI can improve security and observability by onboarding new data types for a comprehensive understanding of threats, inefficiencies, and vulnerabilities. Discover how pre-processing data before it hits a Splunk index can dramatically improve efficiency and how shifting analytics left into the stream can uncover and resolve critical incidents making security teams far more productive.
Topics include:
  • Eliminate Blind Spots By Getting All of the Right Data Into Splunk - Blind spots are introduced when you omit data sources from your analysis. Neglecting a source like VPC flow logs or application logs could increase the risk of security breaches, compliance violations, reduced network visibility and control, and other blindspots. Trying to control the volume of these sources through random sampling only increases the chance that the event that could avoid a costly incident would be missed.
  • Transform Data from Any Source into Splunk CIM - Observo AI can transform data from almost any source into Splunk’s Common Information Model (CIM). Whether you are looking for insights from custom application logs, OTEL, network logs, third-party firewalls, or virtually any source that grants visibility into your security and observability stance, Observo AI can transform that data for ultra-fast indexing into Splunk. This helps DevOps and security teams get the whole picture by looking at the widest array of relevant sources.

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