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Observo.ai was created to help Security and DevOps teams solve their biggest telemetry data problems. Observo.ai helps you reduce security and observability costs by 50% or more while resolving incidents more than 40% faster.
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Our Story

Our founders were working for a large technology company that was facing steep increases in their upcoming SIEM and log management renewal contracts. They were tasked with coming up with alternatives to stave off the impending budget crisis. They leveraged their deep expertise in AI to optimize their data stream and the idea for Observo.ai was born.

They knew that by adding AI to observability, customers can achieve dramatically reduced time to solve incidents while optimizing the data in their stream to control costs and surface better, meaningful, and actionable insights.

Our Team

Observo.ai is built by passionate technologists with deep experience in observability, data management, security and other areas at highly recognized & innovative organizations like Google, Rubrik, Uber, Oracle, SAP, Flipkart and others.
Gurjeet Arora
Co-Founder, CEO
With 16+ years of experience and five patents in data analytics, observability, and data lake technologies, Gurjeet is a proven leader in the field. He built the data platform teams at Rubrik, enabling ARR growth from $10M to over $500M. Prior to Rubrik, Gurjeet held leadership roles at Arista and EMC.
Ricky Arora
Co-Founder, COO
With 18+ years of experience in product management and GTM, Ricky has achieved two successful acquisitions and holds five patents in security, monitoring, and observability. He has held leadership positions at Rubrik, Synack, Oracle, and AlertEnterprise.
Adam Tice
Founding Director of Sales
Bryan Turriff
Founding Director of Product Marketing and Growth
Mahendra Kumar
Founding Architect

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