Feature Overview

With artificial intelligence, Observo.ai elevates observability beyond static, rules-based tools. We automate observability pipelines, for smarter, deeper data optimization, faster deployment, and bigger savings.

Data Optimization and Reduction

We found that only 20% of your log data has value. Our Smart Summarizer can reduce the volume of data types such as Cloud Flow Logs, Firewall, OS, CDN, and Application logs by more than 80%.

Reduce the total cost of observability by 50% or more.

Smart Routing

Observo.ai transforms data from any source to any destination, giving you complete control over your data. We deliver data in the right format to the tool or storage location that makes the most sense.

Avoid vendor lock-in by routing data where it has most value.

Anomaly Detection

The Observo.ai pipeline learns what is normal for any given data type. The Observo.ai Sentiment Engine identifies anomalies and can integrate with common alert/ticketing systems like ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and Jira for real-time alerting.

Lower MTTR for critical incidents by 40% or more.

Data Enrichment

Observo.ai can enrich telemetry data in the stream to add more context and better help you route and analyze it. Add 3rd party data like Geo-IP and threat intel to provide deeper context.

 Speed up queries and reduce the CPU toil of your analytics platform.

Searchable, Low-cost Data Lake

Observo.ai helps you create a full-fidelity data lake in low-cost storage. We store data in Parquet making it highly compressed and searchable. You can use NL queries, so you don’t need to be a data scientist to retrieve insights.

Retain more data, spend less money, and be more flexible.

Compliance and Sensitive Data Discovery

Observo.ai proactively detects sensitive and classified data, allowing you to secure it through obfuscation or hashing. Observo.ai uses pattern recognition to discover all sensitive data, even if it’s not where you’d expect it to be.

Earn customers trust by securing all PII to stay in compliance.

The AI-Powered Observability Pipeline: Architecture

Observo.ai optimizes and routes telemetry data from any source to any destination. Your data never leaves your environment for ultimate security.

Highly flexible processing topologies

Observo.ai provides a wide range of sources, transforms and destinations to choose from.

46 sources
Apache Flume
AWS CloudFront
AWS CloudWatch
AWS Kineses Firehose
AWS Kinesis Data Streams
AWS Lambda
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43 destinations
AWS Athena
AWS CloudWatch
AWS Elastic File System
AWS Kineses Firehose
Azure Security Data Lake
Azure Blog Storage
Azure Event Hubs
Azure Monitor Logs
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How Observo.ai uses AI?

Static, rules-based pipelines can’t keep pace with change and won’t uncover optimizations and anomalies that AI can. Here’s some of the ways:

Clustered Log Pattern Data
Creates a foundation for robust anomaly detection
Patterns of Patterns Summarization
Allows informed, intelligent sampling
Sentiment-based Classification Engine
Faster searches and reduced Alert Fatigue
Advanced Large Language Models
LLMs enables natural language queries
Automated Sensitive Data Detection
Finds and masks PII wherever it is in the stream
Purpose-built Machine Learning Algorithms
Optimizes individual source data types

Deploy anywhere

Deploy the Observo.ai data plane wherever your data is today - on-premises or in any cloud.

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