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Learn how the AI-Powered Observability Pipeline from Observo.ai helps organizations optimize telemetry data for their Security and DevOps teams’ biggest challenges.
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Route Data From Any Source to the Place It Has the Most Value

Observo.ai can route data from any source to any destination - allowing you to choose the right mix of tools for your needs. Optimize what types of data need to be analyzed by the most expensive tools and which can be routed to a more cost-effective tool. For instance, ingest Cisco Firewall events and Windows event logs from Kafka topic. Send the optimized data to Azure Sentinel and full fidelity data to a Snowflake data lake. And you don’t need to collect data in multiple formats for every tool. With Observo.ai, you can collect data once and route where it has the most value. Our AI-based models automate this so you don’t need an expert to establish a long list of rules and you can be optimized and running in a few hours.

Optimize and reduce log volume

Telemetry data for security and DevOps teams is growing as much as 35% or more for some companies, driving up license and infrastructure costs like compute and storage, and threatening daily ingest limits across multiple analytics tools. The Smart Summarizer from Observo.ai has source-specific transforms that can reduce volume by 80% or more. Observo.ai is constantly learning and looking for improvements to recommend further optimization. As your data changes, so do the optimizations. By reducing volume, you control costs and analyze all the data you need.

Onboard additional data sources into your tools

Organizations struggle to onboard more data into their analytics systems as it involves significant effort in agent configuration, networking & security changes, and complex updates to their analytics systems. In some cases, Enterprises don’t ingest all the available telemetry data due to high costs which leads to blind spots resulting in poor security, system reliability, and performance. Observo.ai makes it easy for enterprises to simply plug in new data, optimize it, and send it to one or multiple analytics systems. It uses machine learning models to extract only useful data from all of your sources so you can fit them into your daily ingest limits. Don’t guess which data sources to send to your analytics tools, send everything that helps your teams secure and optimize your organization.

Evaluate or add a new analytics tool

Vendor lock-in is a reality for many organizations. Most tool vendors expect you to use their stack of proprietary agents, collectors, and middleware to analyze the data you need to protect your environment from security risks, poor performance, outages, and other concerns. They may make it even harder to use their data with another vendor’s tools. With Observo.ai you can choose the best mix of tools for your business. Collect all of your data once, transform it into the right formats, and route it to the best tools for the job. You can even create bake-offs with the same data sets to evaluate a new tool's efficacy. Observo.ai helps you optimize your tool mix. Observo.ai uses open data standards such as JSON, CEF, Parquet, OCSF, and others to avoid vendor lock-in.

Create a security or observability data lake

A cloud-based data lake not only helps your organization stay in compliance with security and retention requirements, but it can also save time and money. Observo.ai helps you create a full-fidelity data lake in low-cost storage. We store data in Parquet file format, making it highly compressible - data stored in an Observo.ai data lake can cost as little as 1% of what it costs in block storage attached to your analytics tool. You can use your favorite search tool such as Athena or Presto to query this data. Observo.ai also offers LLM-based Natural Language queries that allow anyone to retrieve insights without having to be a data scientist. A subset of the data in the data lake can be easily re-hydrated on-demand and sent to any analytics platform if needed.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance with ease

Ensuring compliance with standards for data privacy and data retention is an increasingly important priority for organizations. The fear of fines but more importantly, of losing customer trust is driving this shift in priorities. Data retention standards are changing, some industries mandate full data storage for as much as 7 years. Observo.ai makes it easy to create a data lake to normalize and securely store data for longer periods with significant cost savings. Observo.ai can also detect sensitive data allowing you to secure it through obfuscation or hashing. Unlike static tools that set rules for what is sensitive data, Observo.ai uses pattern recognition to discover all sensitive data, even if it’s in an unexpected field or metric. Observo.ai helps you automate compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and PCI.

Migrate Security and Observability to the Cloud

Cloud technology has a lot of promise, so it’s no surprise many organizations have already made this journey. What may be more surprising are the challenges of migrating SIEM and logging tools. Security, compliance, data integrity, and vendor lock-in can all derail migration projects. Observo.ai can help by transforming the data you have now into the data you’ll need in the cloud without limiting your choice of cloud providers - we work with AWS, GCP, and Azure. Observo.ai can ensure PII is masked and routed to on-premises and cloud tools simultaneously for testing and seamless switchover, all while optimizing data before you migrate.

Improve SecOps and DevOps Productivity

Security and DevOps teams have a lot on their plates. First and foremost, they are tasked with ensuring the security, stability, performance, and overall general health of their IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, a wide array of challenges stifle those efforts. Growing volumes of security and observability data filled with noise make it very difficult to find actionable insights even with advanced analytics tools. Daily data limits force your teams to spend cycles manually trying to fit more data into smaller spaces.  The AI-powered observability pipeline from Observo.ai can supercharge your teams’ productivity. We automate data optimization so your teams can get back to their primary role. Observo.ai also cuts through the noise of alert fatigue by enriching your data with AI-based sentiment analysis so your teams prioritize the most important alerts.  
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